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1st LES Asian Student Business Plan Competition Finals 2012 Hotel Okura, Tokyo, September 3, 2012
Ichiro Nakatomi
Chair of Working Group
LES Japan
September 12, 2012
About Asian Competition 2012

LES Japan hosted 1st Asian Student Business Plan Competition at the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference held in Tokyo during September 3-4, 2012. This competition was held to mark the 40th Anniversary of LES Japan. It was supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), TX Entrepreneur Partners and Japan Venture Capital Association.

Five student teams competed in the final round of Asian Competition. The teams were selected from 4LES Societies from Hong Kong (selected one out of 5 teams registered internally),Japan (2/7 teams), Korea (1/1 team) and Singapore (1/2 teams).According to the rule of scoring standardized by LES Foundation, 5judges were selected from4 participating LES societies and one independent judge from LES Australia. Also a new rule was added that the judges cannot grade participants from own country. After the result of scoring by judges the announcement of winners were performed at dinner reception. The highest scoring winner was EyePia from Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea) and second winner was Louis Eagle from the University of Tokyo (Japan). All other teams, Pongs Innocompany from Hong Kong Community College, popIn from the University of Tokyo and Avetics from National University of Singapore received LES Japan Award.

About Volunteers

Each LES Society had suitable but inexperienced volunteers to do the search and selection of teams.LES Korea had selected a winner of Korean IP Office’s Competition 2011.

As a host LES Japan made special working group consisting of relatively young members who were divided into the groups of mainly settlement of rules/guideline, PR/student search, judges/scoring/prize and mentors. All volunteers participated for the first time and several meetings were held to confirm the action items necessary to move forward to the final round of competition in Tokyo. We are very proud to have hard working members such as Satoru Iino, Yuko Okimoto, Junko Kashiwa, Yasuyuki Kurose, Masato Kobayashi, Kaoru Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Dai, Toshinari Tsuruhara, Hiroshi Naito, Ichiro Nakatomi, Rika Honoki, Takafumi Yamamoto and Hisao Yamasaki. The Chair of WG was Ichiro Nakatomi and Vice Chairs were Toshinari Tsuruhara and Masato Kobayashi.

Photo Gallery
Winner of LESI Prize
Baekhee Lee and Jihyoung Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea)
Second Winner of LESI Prize
Kuniaki Iwanami and Ayumi Oshida
the University of Tokyo
LES Japan Award
Stephanie Pong & Cece Pong
Hong Kong Community College
LES Japan Award
Julian Namaro & Kunihiro Miyazaki
the University of Tokyo
LES Japan Award
Wei-Liang Zhang
National University of Singapore

Introduction of Finalists (order of presentation)
Baekhee Lee and Jihyoung Lee from EyePia at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH);
EyePia developed a testing machine for glaucoma, having high clinical accuracy, public accessibility, usability and competitive price.
Julian Namaro and Kunihiro Miyazaki from popIn at the University of Tokyo;
popIn provides commercially available search services for news media websites(“media sites”) that are highly customizable for each media site and designed to keep the visitors engaged.
Kuniaki Iwanami and Ayumi Oshida from Louise Eagle at the University of Tokyo; Louise Eagle developed the original mental arithmetic method known as “Ghost Mental Arithmetic Method”, and has been publishing books related thereto in Japan.
Wei-Liang ZHANG from Avetics at National University of Singapore;
Avetics developed a prototype model, Falcon X 0.3., which consists of foam based plane with a camera unit and flight control board.
Stephanie Pong and Cece Pong from Pongs Innocompany Ltd. at Hong Kong Community College;
The company’s product is Venti, which is an “Umbrella-Dryer" and "RFID Umbrella Dryer System".


LESI President, James Malackowski, presented the LESI prize to winners, Baekhee Lee and Jihyoung Lee from Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea), and also presented to the second winner, Kuniaki Iwanami and Ayumi Oshida from the University of Tokyo (Japan).

The first winner received US$3,000 and recommendation to corporations, and second winner receivedUS$1,000.

LES Japan President, Katsumi Harashima, presented the LES Japan Award and ¥50,000 to the remaining teams, Stephanie Pong and Cece Pong from Pongs InnoCompany (Hong Kong Community College), Kunihiro Miyazaki and Julian Namaro from popIn (the University of Tokyo) and Wei-Liang Zhang from Avetics (National University of Singapore).

Additionally all finalist teams of reserved the right of one year membership of own LES society and recommendation to the LES Foundation’s Annual Graduate Student Business Plan Competition 2013 (May in Seattle).

Student’s Comments
EyePia LLC., Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea)
Baekhee Lee said, “I am so impressed with this committee and I feel very good to have this kind of competition for the future.”
Jihyoung Lee said, “This is my first experience, and I am very impressed that all of presenters are so good.”
popIn, Inc., the University of Tokyo (Japan)
Kunihiro Miyazaki and Julian Namaro said, “This was great and thank you for this opportunity.” “Judges asked very interesting questions.”
Louis Eagle, Inc., the University of Tokyo (Japan)
Kuniaki Iwanami said, “I learned a lot from competitors, and I appreciate very kind advice from judges.”
Avetics, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Wei-Liang Zhang said, “It is great opportunity for me.” “I hope we continue this relationship with you (presenters and supporters) and hope to see you in Singapore.”
Pongs InnoCompany Ltd., Hong Kong Community College (Hong Kong)
Stephanie Pong and Cece Pong said, “It’s nice to meet with our competitors.” “We never got IP but we worked very hard.”

Future subject

The method of team selection should be discussed in the near future. While most of LES societies employed a method by interviewing student teams and scoring as evaluation to select the final team, however not all LES societies used the same method.

Our working group is considering modifying slightly the standard rule regarding the method of team selection in order to make a fair effort on the interview and mentor activity among LES societies. We will propose it for the next coming competition in China 2013.

Summary and Acknowledgment

Based on the cooperation with main members related to Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, members from LES Japan’s working group worked very hard to setup the final stage of competition in Tokyo.

Interestingly a major Japanese TV channel, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) took a video report of one of finalist presentation (Mr. Kuniaki Iwanami). His study work related to his new mathematical method attracted attention and may be introduced in the near future around the world for educational purposes.

All presentations were well done and particularly two groups representing LES`s from Korea did very well.

The excellent student presentations were possible through support and feedback from each LES society. Special thanks for their advice and support go to Art Rose, Yvonne Chua, Audrey Yap, Alice Ngan, Jordan Kim, SzeTiam Lin, John Walker, Junko Sugimura and Patricia Bunye as well as all other supporters. Particularly Yvonne continuously supported me in a positive manner. I also appreciate the financial support by LES International President James Malackowski and a financial support by LES Japan, particularly President Katsumi Harashima, Junichi Yamasaki, Chikao Fukuda, Masau Takayanagi and Toshiaki Abe. My appreciation is continued for organization supporters by METI, JETRO, TX Partners and JVCA.

Lastly I send my appreciation to Cris Shaowei, Yibin Feng and Ningling Wang from LES China who tried to select a student team in China. I hope that LES China will continue the competition in order to motivate the occasion of next Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2013.

Thanks everyone.


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