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Monthly Seminars

LES Japan organizes monthly seminars: 11 in Tokyo and 10 in Osaka annually. For more information, please contact here.
The working language is generally Japanese. When we have non-Japanese speaking lecturers, consecutive interepretation is normally available.
For all LES members including non-Japanese members, the fee is 5,000 yen.

LESJ Monthly Seminars

Date Venue Title Speakers
June Tokyo Patent Infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents (in consideration of grand panel judgment of the Intellectual Property High Court dated March 25, 2016) Ryoichi MIMURA, Esq., Lawyer, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
June Osaka Points of Attention in Drafting Arbitration Clauses Teppei MOGI, Esq., Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners
May Tokyo Employee Invention Systems for Invention Incentive in Japan, EU, USA and Asia Takuya IIZUKA Esq., Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Partner
May Osaka Corporate IP Strategy for continuous development in manufacturing company
-Suntory’s Intellectual Property -Related Activities-
-The Four Secrets to Revitalizing Small Manufacturing Companies - M_P_D_P exemplified in Neji-saurus GT development -
Mr. Kazushi TAKEMOTO, Senior General Manager, Intellectual Property Department, SUNTORY HOLDINGS LIMITED
Mr. Mitsuhiro TAKASAKI, President, ENGINEER INC
April Osaka Practical Tips for the Revision of the Patent Act about the Employee-Invention System - Viewpoint and Check Points - Mr. Toru OKADA, Partner, Attorney at Law, Innoventier L.P.C.
March Osaka System development agreements in the era of cloud computing Yoshiyuki Sato, Esq., Partner?Attorney-at-Law, Admitted in Japan & New York, Nishimura & Asahi
March Tokyo The Change in Business Driven by Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property - Kazuo Yano, Corporate Chief Scientist, Hitachi, Ltd. Research and Development Group
February Tokyo Current Chinese Economy and Economic Relation between Japan and China Kiyoyuki SEGUCHI, Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
February Osaka The current circumstances and future perspectives of Intellectual Property Litigations in Japan- from Osaka, with looking back on the important judgements and the court’s efforts Kazuo KOMATSU (Kitahama Partners Attorney at Law, Former Presiding Judge of Osaka High Court (Intensive Division for Intellectual Property Cases)
January Osaka Amendment Unfair Competition Prevention Act - Enhancement of Trade Secret Protection Mr. Osafumi KIO, Director, Economics Research Office, General Secretariat, Fair Trade Commission, Former Director, Intellectual Policy Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
January Tokyo Recent topics surrounding Copyright Law ? Applied art and TPP Mr. Naoki KOIZUMI, Professor, Keio University Law School
December Tokyo Business strategy of PeptiDream Inc. Mr. Kiichi KUBOTA, President Chief Executive Officer, PeptiDream Inc.
December Osaka How to avoid and manage risks when ending business partnerships - problems and legal disputes over termination of long-term contracts and tips for better contract creation and business partnership management. Mr. Ayumu IIJIMA, Senior Partner, Kitahama Partners L.P.C.
November Tokyo Licensing activities of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN Mr. Keisuke KITAGUCHI, Deputy General Manager,Legal Affairs Department, USJ Co., Ltd
November Osaka Intellectual Property Strategy in Academia - "Essential points for a Private company to foster collaboration between industry and academia" Yukio FUJISAWA, Ph.D.
Professor, Deputy Director, Intellectual Property Management Office for University-Industry Collaboration,Osaka University
October Osaka Intellectual Right Strategy of Daikin Industries, LTD. - Improvement IP Management Level, Brand Strategy in Air Conditioner Business in China, and IP Human Resource Development Policy - Koji NISHII, Patent Attorney, Department Manager, Intellectual Property Group, Legal Affairs, Compliance and Intellectual Property Center, Daikin Industries, LTD.
October Tokyo Various issues in content digitization, from the viewpoint of the publishing and  film industries Koichi WAKAYAMA, General Manager, Intellectual Property and Legal Department, KADOKAWA CORPORATION
September Tokyo License Negotiation Strategy against U.S. High Tech Companies - Learning U.S. Companies’ License Tactics through U.S. Lawyer residing in Silicon Valley - Takanori ABE, Abe & Partners, Attorney at Law (Japan and New York), Patent Attorney (Japan), Guest Professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
David H. KENNEDY, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Attorney at Law (California)
September Osaka "Recommend strategic technology diplomacy (licensing agreement)" - Correct practices of open-closed strategy - Yoshiaki YAHAGI, Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology
August Tokyo Recent Developments of Chinese Anti-trust Law and their impact for Licensing Practice Zhang Guodong, Attorney at law, Senior Partner Jincheng Tongda & Neal(Commentator: Kentaro Hirayama, Attorney at law, associate professor, Tokyo Univ. of Science, graduate school for Innovation studies)
July Tokyo The key to a successful corporate licensing strategy and tactics with Coca-Cola licensing case studies. Fumihiko Kusama, Professor, Department of Intellectual Property, Graduate Science of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science
Misako Kiyota, Global Licensing Manager, Coca-Cola Japan Company, Limited
June Osaka Issues and Cases of the Accounting and Tax Affairs with IP Transaction and License Kazunori Matsumoto, Certified Public Accountants, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
Makoto Kobayashi, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
June Tokyo Intellectual Property Strategy for Business Management Masataka Kamiyanagi(Patent Attorney, Seiko Epson Corp. IP Adviser)
May Tokyo Intellectual Property Due Diligence - Leading M&A to Success‐ Yoshihiko Fuchibe Esq., Partner, TMI Associates
Kentaro Ito, Patent Attorney, Associate, TMI Associates
May Osaka Major Legal Issues in Cross-border Joint Research Agreements - For joint research partnerships with US companies, universities and public research institutions - Naoki Yoshida, Attorney at law, Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP
April Tokyo Patent subject matter eligibility [AIPLA] Approx. 20 members, including President Sharon A. Israel
[LES Japan] Approx 35 members, including President Ichiro NAKATOMI
April Osaka Various experiences in my life Dr. Ichiro NAKATOMI, President & CEO, Nano Carrier Co., Ltd.
March Osaka Negotiated Settlement & Utilization of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Takahisa HIROTA, Lawyer
February Osaka License Negotiation Strategy against U.S. High Tech Companies: Learning U.S. - Companies License Tactics through U.S. Lawyer residing in Silicon Valley - Takanori ABE, Attorney at Law (Japan and New York), Patent Attorney (Japan), Guest Professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
David KENNEDY, Attorney at Law (California), Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
January Tokyo License Strategies of iPS cells Technologies Mitsuomi SHIRAHASHI (President & CEO, iPS Academia Japan, Inc.)
January Osaka Judicial Affairs for Technological Companies Masahiro SAMEJIMA
(UCHIDA & SAMEJIMA LAW FIRM, Attorney / Patent Attorney)
December Osaka Corporate reorganization and intellectual property rights in China ~Can we protect trade secrets?~ Yorihito OSAWA (Representative of J&C Dream Associates)
December Tokyo The impact of FRAND issues in Japan and overseas on the economic activities Jinzo FUJINO (Tokyo University of Science, School of Intellectual Property Studies, Professor, Antitrust Law WG)
Toshinari TSURUHARA(Jin laboratory, Representative, Network Business WG)
Kentaro HIRAYAMA  (Tokyo University of Science, School of Intellectual Property Studies, Associate Professor / Attorney-at-law at Ito & Mitomi, Antitrust Law WG)
Tomoko NOGUCHI(Sisvel Japan K.K., Licensing Manager, Network Business WG)
November Tokyo Practice of Patent Licensing Negotation Yuichiro TAKAHASHI (Takahashi Yuichiro Law Office, Attorney/Patent Attorney)
November Osaka ”Last 20 Years of Patent Related U.S. Sup. Ct./Fed. Cir. En Banc Decisions and Trend of U.S. Patent Matters Observed Therefrom” ~ in relation with Countermeasures Against Patent Troll ~ Tatsuo YABE (US Attorney at law (NY))
October Tokyo 「Industry pull industry-academia (IA) collaboration is encouraged!」
-An investigation report of some success stories of IA collaborations and a private suggestion for utilizing academia research effectively-
1. Why is industry-academia collaboration necessary in Japan?
2. Success case studies of university-institution-industry collaborative partnership; Recommendation of industry pull type cooperation
3. Technology transfer studies of “use/share of the result from the research plural companies joined” and “a proposal to evaluate the contribution of component technologies for commercialization.”
4. An example of start-up company curved out by national institute as a new approach for cooperation with industry and government
5. How can a company utilize academia research? (Personal opinion)
Yuji Maeda,(Ph.D.Principal Senju IP Planning)
Tatsuya Kawajiri,(Senior Principal Leader,Research Planning and Development Division,Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.)
Masao Hirano,(Ph.D.Advisor Micron Shiga Inc. )
Kazutaka Kawabata,Ph.D.(Patent Attorney, Technology Licensing Manager, Technology Licensing Office National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
October Osaka Business management and intellectual property strategy
- Seiko Epson’s intellectual property strategy -
Masataka Kamiyanagi
September Tokyo New Trend of U.S. Patent Disputes --- Rapid Increase of Post-Grant
Proceeding Cases of USPTO (IPR, CBM) and Striking Landscape Change of Patent Infringement Litigations
Scott A. McKeown
Yorikatsu HOHOKABE
September Osaka Intellectual property right in M&A Hiroko Namura
August Tokyo Patent disputes and international civil litigation Makiko Takabe
July Tokyo Royalty Payment Investigation by Public Accountant - Primarily Focusing on Japanese Licensees - Mr. Toshihumi Takaoka(Partner, KPMG FAS, Ltd.) Ms. Mizuki Sugiura(Senior Manager, KPMG FAS, Ltd.)
July Osaka “How to protect your intellectual property and prepare countermeasures against industrial espionage”~Including topics on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Economic Espionage Act (USA), and others~ Shigetoshi Hirano (Partner/Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners)
May Tokyo IP Strategy of BRIDGESTONE Eiji (Eddie) Mineki (Director Intellectual Property Division ,Bridgestone Corporation.)
May Osaka Recollection & Summary of my 40 years-long Licensing Business -Introduction of my carrier and episode as a Senior Licensing Executive for Japanese Engineering Contractor Companies- Torahiko Maki, Director & Executive Officer, TSUKISHIMA KIKAI Co.,Ltd.
April Tokyo Patent Trolls: Current Status, Problems and Countermeasures Taro ISSHIKI(Attorney at Law Admitted in California & Washington, D.C. Isshiki International Law Office)
April Osaka Recent Tendency of Inventive Step Judgement in IP High Court and JPO
-Focusing on cases in several fields in which IP High Court and JPO held different decisions-
Yoshinori HOSODA(HOSODA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE, Representative, Patent Attorney)
March Tokyo Dealing with IP Risks in Asia, Focusing on China, India and ASEAN Masashi Kurose(Kyowa Patent and Law Office)
March Osaka Amendment to the Civil Code - including impact on licensing practice - Yoshio Shiomi (Professor of Graduate School of Law Kyoto University)
February Tokyo Recollection & Summary of my 40 years-long Licensing Business-Introduction of my carrier and episode as a Senior Licensing Executive for Japanese Engineering Contractor Companies- Torahiko Maki,(Director & Executive Officer, TSUKISHIMA KIKAI Co.,Ltd.)
February Osaka Latest Trends in Intellectual Property Litigation in China - with a Particular Focus on the View Point of a Japanese Company as a Defendant - Eriko Hayashi(Oh-Ebashi LPC & PartnersPartner, Attorney at Law)
Zhu Shunde (Oh-Ebashi LPC & PartnersRegistered Foreign Lawyer, Attorney at Law admitted in China)
January Tokyo IP Strategy of BANDAI Kenichi Osonoe (General Manager Legal & IP Department,BANDAI CO.,LTD.)
January Osaka The current movements on the practice of intellectual property agreement Yoshito Fujikawa (Yodoyabashi&Yamagami LPC Attorney at law)
December Osaka The IP role in the industry activity Takami Aoyama (Contract Professor, Law School of Meijo University)
November Tokyo The anticounterfeit under global business-Focus on the border enforcement system in Japan and overseas customs- Takeshi SAGI(Patent Attorney EGRET IP FIRM )
Toshihiro Ishizuka(Patent Attorney General Manager Intellectual Property Dept. Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation)
November Osaka Dealing with IP Risks in Asia, Focusing on China, India and ASEAN Masashi Kurose(Kyowa Patent and Law Office)
October Osaka Legal business of global companies:Case Studies ~ Panasonic, UNIQLO, USJ ~ Ms. Shoko KATAOKA, Attorney at law, General Manager, USJ Co., Ltd.
September Tokyo Practices & Headache of Intellectual Property Department of Pharma Company - cf. Practices of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. Mr.Yoichi Okumura ( General manager, Intellectual Property Department)
September Osaka Intellectual Property Management for a Corporation Mr.Kazuo TANAMI Dean and Professor Graduate School of Intellectual Property
August Tokyo Trend of Amendment of Civil Code and the Effects on Practice of License Agreements Mr. Shunji Matsuda (Attorney at Law, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)
June Tokyo Intellectual Property Strategy of The YAMAHA Mr.Susumu Oshita, YAMAHA CORPORATION, Intellectual Property Division, General Manager, Patent Attorney
June Osaka European Unified Patent Court Mr. Alex Wilson (Solicitor Advocate、UK Powell Gilbert)
Ms. Zoe Butler (Solicitor Advocate、UK Powell Gilbert)
Mr. Pierre Veron (Avocat、FR Veron & Associes)
Mr. Klaus Haft (Rechtsanwalt、DE Reimann Osterrieth Koehler Haft)
May Tokyo Consideration for the leak of the trade secret and Management of Intellectual Property Mr.Rikiya SATO, Attorney-at-Law, TMI Associates
May Osaka What dose it mean to utilize IP? - Significance of Licensing Mr.Katsumi HARASHIMA(Executive Director,Business Development TAIYO,NAKAJIMA&KATO Intellectual Property Law)
April Osaka The Patent Hold-up Conundrum~ The Patent War regarding Licensing Conflicts among Google, Apple and Microsoft.~ Mr.Toshiaki Takigawa, Professor (Kansai University School of Law)
March Osaka New types of trademark, Distinctiveness and Similarity Graduate School of Intellectual Property, Nihon UniversityProf. Kazufumi DOHI
February Osaka "Law Control for Protecting Digital Contents"
Current State and Future Prospects
(Progress Law Office Attorney, Patent Attorney)
February Tokyo FUJIFILM IP Strategy in Business Transformation Toshiaki SUZUKI
(FUJIFILM Corporation)
January Osaka Legal issues for Japanese companies to start business in India Daisuke Sakai
January Tokyo “Technology Branding” Yukiko Kamijo
(Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Associate Professor, Patent Attorney)
December Osaka “Essential Points and Pitfalls in IP Related Agreements” Iichiro Yamada(LEXIA Partners)
December Tokyo Local law and regulations in BRICs and Asian countries for technology Licensing agreements Hiroki Saito, lawyer, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
Makoto Endo, lawyer, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
November Tokyo Current status and issues of employee invention law after the amendment Hiroshi Ishikawa (Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
November Osaka Consideration for the leak of the trade secret and Management of Intellectual Property Rikiya Sato attorney at law
(TMI associates)
October Tokyo “Reformed U.S. Patent Law / Rules” Stephen G. Kunin
(Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P., Partner)
Yorikatsu Hohokabe
(CLP, OBLON SPIVAK Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi Jimusho, Senior Advisor)
October Osaka “Major Issues Related to Transfer Pricing Taxation  - With Particular Focus on Transfer Pricing Risks in Intangibles Transactions - ” Ryosuke KONO, attorney at law
(Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners)
September Osaka “On the license negotiation with the overseas company” Naoki TANI, (RaQualia Pharma Inc. Representative Director)
September Tokyo “Cloud Computing and laws - focusing on intellectual property issues-“ Kei matsumoto, attorney at law
(Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise), Tokyo Aoyama Aoki Koma Law Office )
August Tokyo About the first Japan intelligent property funds LISP Hiroshi Akimoto
(Intelligent property strategy network Co, Inc. President)
June Tokyo Technique for reading Chinese contracts ~start from no Chinese competence~ Aiko OHBUTI, attorney at law
(Representative of Amour Law Office)
June Osaka “Intellectual Property Strategy of KYOCERA CORPORATION-Creating Strategy Tailored To Significantly Diversified Corporation-” Keisuke Takemiya
(General Manager Component & Device Intellectual Property Division Corporate Legal and Intellectual Property Group)
May Osaka “Trend and Strategy for IP Litigation in China” Hideto KOHNO, Patent Attorney
May Tokyo Intellectual Property Strategy of The Unicharm JIBIKI KEIICHI, General Manager of Legal & Intellectual Property Division.Unicharm Corporation
April Osaka Marketing Communications at IBM -”Let's build a smarter planet”- Ai OGAWA
April Tokyo Recent Situation in Industry-University Collaboration ~How do companies and universities get along with each other? ~ Kayoko YAMAMOTO
(Editorial Writer & Senior Staff Writer, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.)
(Project Professor, The University of Tokyo)
March Osaka U.S. Patent Act Reform(America Invents Act)―Focusing on Litigation― Shigetoshi HIRANO, Lawyer & Patent attorney
(Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners)
March Tokyo Navigating the New AIA (America Invents Act) Rules from an Insider’s Perspective Robert L. Stoll, U.S. lawyer, Former United States Patent bureau chief
(Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP)
February Osaka Matters to keep in mind about Chinese IP practice
-Stories about IP related legal practice IP department should know-
Ichiro FUJIMOTO, Lawyer
January Osaka Japanese IP Law reform 2011, its contents, impact and pending problems (into effect on April 1, 2012) Hisayo Rokuhara, Attorney at law
January Tokyo Trend and Strategy for IP Litigation in China Hideto KOHNO, Patent Attorney
December Osaka Introduction to EU Competition Law and relation with IP issues Vassili Moussis, Solicitor
(Anderson Mori & Tomotsune)
December Tokyo Japanese IP Law reform 2011, its contents, impact and pending problems (into effect on April 1, 2012) Hisayo Rokuhara, Attorney at law
November Osaka Shiseido's branding & brand management Shigekazu Sugiyama
November Tokyo IP Litigation from the Viewpoint of the Civil Procedure Act Junichi Yamazaki
October Tokyo Practical Points to Note when Making Contracts with Chinese Companies and
Universities, Considering Litigation and Dispute Cases
Kenji Kuroda
September Osaka Frameworks and Strategies of IP Litigations
-A case study of ""Ultraman"" copyright license disputes-
Junichi Yamazaki
September Tokyo Important decisions regarding US patents and the movement of amendment of US Patent Law David E. Sipiora
Kenneth S. Chang
(Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton)
August Tokyo Mock license negotiations:IP negotiations between Japanese and Chinese Companies Hideyuki Ogata (SYSVEL JAPAN K.K.)
Kenichi Osonoe (BANDAI Co., Ltd)
Hirokazu Bessyo (HONDA Motor Co., Ltd.)
Kazushi Takemoto (Suntory Holdings Limited)
Kenji Hidaka (Hidaka East Asia Patent Office)
June Osaka About recent copyright ruling
(Focusing on location free lawsuit (Maneki TV and Rokuraku Ⅱ) and private recording compensation money litigation, etc. )
Hisamichi OKAMURA
June Tokyo Analysis of the flow of precedents in the short to medium term at the Intellectual Property High Court
-Focusing particularly on convergence in the direction of judgments regarding Inventive Step of the inventions and movement in the first and fifth requirements of the Doctrine of Equivalents-
May Osaka Recent IP-topics in China --Especially Court Decisions regarding
May Tokyo Shiseido's branding & brand management Shigekazu SUGIYAMA
April Osaka I.P. Management at Takeda Pharmaceutical」 Yoichi OKUMURA
March Osaka Practice of measures against infringing goods, which utilize the import suspension system
- speedy measures against infringing goods at the border -
Masahiro URA
February Tokyo The latest intellectual property judicial precedent Ryoichi Mimura, lawyer, Former Intellectual Property High Court judge
(Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)
February Osaka Current state and various problems of the joint research development in enterprise Katsuya Kuratani
February Tokyo New business creation in Suntory from R&D Hideo Tsujimura
January Osaka Recent Issues in U.S. Intellectual Property Law
-2010 KSR Guidelines Update and more-
Kazuto Yamamoto
December Tokyo Licensing agreement and transfer pricing taxation Nobuaki Iwasina
November Osaka Drafting an intellectual property agreement to prevent legal problems arising from a company split Hidesato Iida
November Tokyo Patent litigation in Europe Christian Lederer, James Marshall
October Tokyo Notice in business about Chinese Intellectual Property Law Ichiro Fujimoto
September Tokyo Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property
under the Antimonopoly Act (2007)
Takujiro Khono
August Tokyo Simulation of the license negotiation Katsumi Harahima (TAIYO, NAKAJIMA & KATO)
Masau Takayanagi (Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.)
Makoto Ogino (Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.)
Yutaka Hara (Advanced Softmaterials Inc.)
Jun Kobayashi (Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.)
June Osaka Indian affairs in Intellectual Properties Mika Yamana (Kansai University)
June Tokyo Intellectual Property Strategy of The Chugoku Electric Power Group Hiroyuki Mino (The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.)
May Osaka Anti-Trust Law and IP Activity Clinton L. Conner (ROPES & GRAY)
May Tokyo Recent cases on business model and system related patents Yoshikazu Iwase (Anderson Mori & Tomotsune)
April Tokyo Green Technology and Intellectual Property Rights Hiroko Yamane(Professor ,National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Naoto Kuji (General Manager, IP Division, Honda Motor Co., LTD.)
Yuji Watanabe (VP, Intellectual Property, Astellas Pharma Inc.)
Torahiko Maki (Member of the Board & Executive Officer, General Manager, Administration & Control Division, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.)
April Osaka IP Activity of “Honda” - Strategy for success in the age of globalization - Naoto Kuji
March Tokyo The Doctrine of Equivalents in Patent Infringement Lawsuits Ryoichi Mimura, Junichi Yamazaki, Yasunori Ohtsuka
December Tokyo Current state of exercise of Chinese patent right Shinji Kato(Ohno & Partoners)
Masashi Kurose(Kyowa Patent and Law Office)
November Osaka Points of attention to exercise of Chinese patent right (Licensee) hironari Takano(KANGXIN Partoners, P.C.)
November Osaka Current state of exercise of Chinese patent right and influence of Chinese law revision Yongshun Cheng(Beijing Intellectual Property Institute)
November Tokyo Various problems over indirect infringement of the United States patent Law Naoki Yoshida(Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L.L.P)
October Osaka Issues Concerning Protection of Trade Secrets”-from recent precedents- Nobuo Matsumura
September Tokyo Mistakes or blind spots for Japanese companies in US patent disputes Yoshinari Kishimoto
August Tokyo Demonstration of Licensing Negotiations (Mock): Negotiation for Licensing Agreement between Universities and Industries Hideyuki Ogata, Makoto Ogino,
Yutaka Hara, Katusmi Harashima,
Jinzo Fujino, Toru Kobayashi

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